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Testimonials. If only we could live off the happiness expressed when the portrait is delivered.

"Wow. That's them, that's them. They're my boys. My husband is going to love it! Thanks so much." Norma, WA

"Thanks so much, we love it, it’s gorgeous. I’m so excited!" Shirley, WA

"Wow, that's amazing! Perfect!" Jess, WA

"My cats in this picture is exactly like them it's up on our wall for everyone to see loved it from the moment it was given as a gift to me you are true talent." Leanne, WA

"Looks great, I am impressed. So realistic!" Cody, NSW

"Looks amazing! Thank you!!!" Taylor, Ontario, Canada

"Looks amazing! My daughter will love it." Cathy, WA

"This is just so her. You've got her eyes exactly. Thank you do much for a portrait to remember her by" Roya, WA

"Just perfect, thanks. My husband will love it, he will be so thrilled!" Catherine, VIC

"Fergus looks great! My brother will be very happy." Katrina, ACT

"Oh wow! Looks great! Can't wait to give it to my dad and stepmum. Amazing!" Maddi, TAS

"Looks great, I love it! Really, really lovely." Dani, VIC

"Demi's portrait arrived today...we love it! You have captured her expression perfectly." Louise, WA

"Fantastic! Absolutely perfect." Josie, WA

"Oh my gosh! This is absolutely amazing! I love it." Tania, WA

"Absolutely love it guys, thanks so much. Now I have them forever in his gorgeous portrait." Steve, WA

"Oh I love it!!! Thank you so much!" Melissa, NSW

"Oh thank you! Looks awesome. Mum is going to love it!!!" Kimberley, WA

"Mate. Looks fantastic!" Dylan, QLD

"Thank you for a wonderful portrait of Poppy. It captures her perfectly, laying around but always alert. The portrait resulted from your donation to the Dog Refuge Home Quiz Night’s silent auction, so your generosity has supported a wonderful organisation from which Poppy was originally fostered, after she was hit by car and then I subsequently adopted her and she brings great happiness to my family. It also resulted in me becoming a volunteer at the Dog Refuge Home." Greg, WA

"Wow! Buster looks amazing, everything we could have hoped for and more." Grace, ACT

"Reggie is wonderful! I love it!!" Cloe, NSW

"Ruby looks fantastic! Thanks so much!" Cloe, WA

"That looks fantastic, you have done an amazing job! I know my mother is going to love it as much as I do." Emma, QLD

"WOW! You are amazing! We cannot believe the detail, his face, those beautiful hazel eyes and that fur. I can tell you that we've very happy. We just received your gorgeous portrait late yesterday and I'm currently parading it around my home. It looked incredible in the picture you sent but it's something else in person. Thank you again!" Chrissy, VIC

"WOW! Her eyes look real, absolutely amazing. Can't wait to give to mum-in-law, she will be stoked!" Chantal, WA

"Pip looks amazing! Just like her. I love it but more importantly so will my mother-in-law. Thanks again!" Chantal, WA

"You have done a brilliant job. It looks stunning thank you so much!" Toni, NSW

"I have finally received Sam, he's very handsome. Thank you so much for doing such impressive work. I can't believe how much it looks like him. I'm pretty confident my son will have tears when he sees it." Michelle, ACT

"Thank you for the amazing portrait of our precious Molly who recently passed away. You captured all her features perfectly especially her eyes, we now get to see her beautiful face everyday. So happy I found your website for our 'forever' memory." Katrina, ACT

"He was an amazing dog! Will miss him heaps. Thank you so much for the amazing drawing it means so much to the family 🐶❤️" Sian, WA

"Oh my God!! That is just so beautiful! You've captured her exactly! I am beyond thrilled! You've made my day! My year! Makes my heart sing!!!" Sherri, VIC

"Oh. My. Goodness, they're amazing!!! You guys rock! It is so much like them it brings tears to my eyes." Annette, WA

"Wow! It looks amazing. A big thank you to Simon and Rowena from Pet Pastel Portraits for my beautiful portrait for Mother's Day." Jodie, WA

"Thanks for the beautiful gift of work. Wonderful. Looks terrific." Libby, WA

"My mum instantly teared up on Mother's Day when she saw Jess and then we were both in tears! She is beyond happy and I thank you so much! You made her day." Helen, WA

"Pancho and Floyd look so beautiful, it really bought a tear to my eye. Thank you for your wonderful work, I've been telling everyone." Jana, QLD

"You have captured Chilli and Freddie perfectly. It's just gorgeous. My daughter will be thrilled!" Patricia, WA

"Your work is outstanding. You have done a spectacular job! I'm thrilled I found you to do this portrait of Czare for me. You've taken the time to do so much detail and it looks absolutely perfect! I'm really speechless, you have done a real masterpiece. You've made my day!" Daniel, VIC

"Georgie and Piper look amazing! Lost for words. A job well done." Melissa, VIC

"Darcy arrived yesterday and he is perfect. Grandma absolutely loved it!" Ashlee, NSW

"Looks amazing! Just like our Ben. My niece will love it thanks!" Eleanor, WA

"I got my portrait of Logan today and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much :)" Caine, NSW

"I gave this to my sister for her birthday. She loved it so much she cried. Thanks for making her so happy." Vince, WA

"HOLY SMOKES! That picture is absolutely fantastic, you've done a beautiful job!! Such a perfect present. 10/10 service and product." Jodie, SA

"Aaah. Tommy is so lovely. You guys are very clever. I received it last week and it had great packaging. Thank you so much, I am sure my husband will love it!" Kim, QLD

"I received this as a wedding gift from my husband. Just amazing! I started crying such a beautiful portrait you have done of Arrow. Thanks heaps for your lovely work." Olivia, WA

"Just picked Ebony-Rose up from the framers and she looks even more beautiful! My husband is sooo happy." Karen, WA

"I gave the picture of Zoe to my fiance today! He loved it!!! We took a video of him receiving it and he teared up. Thank you so much for helping make his birthday that much more special." Alysha, Ontario, Canada

"Looks awesome! Can't wait for my wife to see it!" Kayne, WA

"My wife absolutely loved it! It brought a tear to her eye." Wayne, WA

"Toby looks delighful! So very happy with him. You'v done an exceptional job. You captured my old boy perfectly. Many thanks!" Kelsey, NSW

"I just got my beautiful portrait of Gizmo. Looks fantastic! Thanks!" Jennifer, NSW

"Wow! Loki looks just lovely! Thank you so much!" Jessica, WA

"My friend loved her birthday present of Shindi and so did everyone else. Thank you so much." Sandy, WA

"Wow! The face is amazing - it looks just like Bingo with his scruffy hair. Thanks so much I know my friend will love it." Alison, WA

"The portrait of Brady is amazing!!! Thanks so much. I can't wait for my husband to see it." Olivia, WA

"I just got Chewie in the post today. Looks awesome!!!!! Thanks heaps :)" Daniel, VIC

"Oh that looks fantastic! You have done a wonderful job, thank you so much I definitely approve and I'm so excited to give the portrait of Dusty to my husband." Ashlee, NSW

"The picture of Sunny arrived today. My husband loves actually brought tears to his eyes." Kristie, QLD

"We are so thankful and adore our portrait of our special little man Bender that passed away so suddenly, now we can always look at him. He brings a smile to our faces. So grateful for capturing him so well. Thank you Simon and Rowena." Rinoulla and Brian, WA

"Received our painting of Percy yesterday and it looks amazing! Thank you so much will definitely get another done in the future 😃" Claire, SA

"They are, as you say, purrfect 😻... You have captured them beautifully. Thank you both soooo very much." Vicki, NSW

"Hahaha!!! That looks great! Great job! Lots of detail and looks just like her." John, NSW

"Otto looks absolutely gorgeous. A beautiful portrait." Helena, SA

"I am so happy with the beautiful portrait of my beloved pet that my daughter had Simon and Rowena draw for me, the likeness is amazing, I will treasure it forever." Caroline, WA

"Thank you Simon and Rowena for your beautiful portrait of my darling little Scrappy girl. I am overwhelmed in the way you have captured her spirit. I will always cherish your gorgeously perfect artwork." Deb, WA


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